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Oxygen Core Dual™ Orchid Pots

Oxygen Core Dual™ Pots are two part pots with several innovations brought together to create a perfect environment for growing.

Oxygen Core Pots

Our Oxygen Core Dual™ Pots bring a new level of logic to growing orchids in pots.

" This Phal has been in the oxygen pot for maybe 3 weeks. Look at the roots!
-- Tess T. MD"
* Customer picture 4.25" Oxygen Core Dual™

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“Your products are superior to any I ordered elsewhere. From pots to mixes, to supplies all are first rate.”
- Joanne G.

Orchid Mix
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Each of the Oxygen Core Dual pots employ the same design features with a focus on creating an environment promoting maximum oxygen and humidity at the root zone. The inner "core" pot cradles the roots and mix in a perfect greenhouse like environment that maximizes drainage and airflow. The outer pot is clear but stiff walled allowing for maximum light to enter.

The result of all these features is to create a growing environment that enhances humidity in the space between the two pots on the sides and at the bottom. Air flow is significantly improved which reduces potential root rot while increasing humidity. A further advantage of this design is that it contains the roots inside the pot by encouraging root growth "around and down" rather than over the top of the rim. Oxygen is key to happy roots and the Oxygen Core Dual Pot from rePotme is one special pot for your prized plants to thrive in.

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