Zelenkocidium Little Angel
Zelenkocidium Little Angel

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Cobalt Blue 7 1/2 inch Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pot

Cobalt Blue 7 1/2 inch Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pot

Cobalt Blue 7 1/2 inch Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pot

with 6" Crystal Clear Orchid Pot
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Also available:Cobalt Blue Hexagon

Don't forget fresh potting mix!

Our High Gloss 7 1/2 inch Cobalt Blue Hexagonn pot is beautifully appointed with six inset panels containing a total of 30 air flow and light openings in a unique circular pattern that repeats on all six sides. It has great drainage and a nicely proportioned drip tray that suspends the pots six individual feet above the tray. Each of these spectacular ceramic pots comes with a free crystal clear 6 inch double drainage plastic pot which can be used as a liner if desired. Multiple pads on the base protect surfaces. This pot stands 6 1/2 inches tall, is 7 1/2 inches across and is approximately 5 inches deep. The inner diameter is 6 1/2 inches at the rim and wider just below. The drip tray is 7 inches wide.

We carry this style and color pot in a 4 inch size which also comes with a free 4 inch crystal clear double drainage plastic pot. The two sizes look great together as a pair if you have the plants to fill them!

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