Learn about how rePotme is Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly recyclable green air pillows

We've invested in the latest Green technology and we are pleased to say that we are now shipping with these environmentally friendly cushions including fragile items like our ceramic orchid and african violet pots. Getting your order delivered safely, and quickly, has always been a hallmark of rePotme.com, and this latest Green initiative is another example of our continuing commitment to the environment. Your package will be easier to handle and unpack quickly with no trouble. Now receiving a package from rePotme will be even better. We are striving to reduce our "carbon footprint" and when you order from us, you are doing your part too.

Here at rePotme our internet presence is powered by wind turbines while geothermal energy beneath the ground provides the heating and air conditioning for our Delaware Headquarters. Electricity for our operations comes from a local co-operative that gets a portion of its energy from a solar farm just up the road. All rainwater collected from the roof is directed into two ponds that are regularly visited by a wide variety of birds including a pair of bald eagles and a blue heron! The farm is primarily meadow lands graced by a 100 year old barn. By coincidence, our street name is Paradise Road and this wonderful rural farmland is appropriately named. When we are not filling your orders, we take in all that mother nature has created around us.

Geothermal energy in rePotme Headquarters

We are pleased to let all of our terrific customers know that as of 2012 we now ship from our new new headquarters in Georgetown Delaware which is located approximately 20 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. We thought you might like to see where your orders ship from and learn a bit about our construction project.

rePotme focus on renewable and sustainable materials

rePotme uses recycled and recyclable materials

rePotme recycles packing materials and shipping cartons

Examples of recycled materials we use include most of our white plastic pots, all of the boxes we ship our products in, and even the air packets we use to secure the products that are in our boxes. Our GET OFF ME! Natural Bug Spray is an all natural cinnamon and water infusion that uses no chemicals save a few drops of baby shampoo as a surfactant.

rePotme Environmentally Friendly Building

rePotme cares for the environment

We are constructing our third building right now to handle all of the new supplies arriving from around the world.

Third building

Orchid Supplies from rePotme.com

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