9" Tropical Green Square Ceramic African Violet Pot


9" Tropical Green Square Ceramic African Violet Pot

with 6.25" inner pot
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All 9" Square African Violet Pots:

9 inch square african violet potsThe 9" Tropical Green Square Ceramic African Violet Pot is among the largest of this type of self-watering pots available. Strong, simple and functional with a delightful shape and deep rich glaze. Each of these will make a beautiful addition to your display, and with their generous size, they are perfect for those more well developed specimen sized larger violets in the collection. Crafted by hand and beautifully finished, each one comes with a small port on the top inner ring for ease of adding water. We love the smooth flat sides and hexagonal shape of these big pots. The rich and deep glaze will complement the vibrant colors of any exotic African violet.

A perfect choice for African violets, terrestrial orchids, ferns, tropicals and bromeliads too.

Dimensions of Outer Pot:
8.5" Wide
5.75" Tall

Dimensions of Inner Pot:
6.25" Wide
5" Tall

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