Raspberry Watering Cans

Raspberry Watering Cans

36 oz. Mint Watering Can

(holds over 1 quart)

56 oz. Raspberry Watering Can

(holds over 1.5 quarts)

144 oz. Raspberry Watering Can

(holds over 1 gallon)

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Offered in several colors with an arbor pattern on the side, these simple yet effective watering cans are feather light and perfect for small watering projects. The spout is curved perfectly for watering pots and the handle makes it nicely balanced and easy to handle. The 1 quart capacity is just perfect for watering several plants inside while the 1 gallon capacity is a perfect size for mixing and delivering our FEED ME! MSU Fertilizer at 1 oz per gallon. Take your pick of colors and let your plants enjoy the moisture they require. Simple, attractive and efficient.

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