Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pots

Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pots

Cappuccino Brown 5 inch Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pot

with 4" Slotted Orchid Pot
On Backorder

Don't forget fresh potting mix!

Orchid PotOur High Gloss Cappuccino Brown 4 inch orchid pot is beautifully sculpted with great drainage and a total of 36 air flow and light openings in a unique pattern that repeats on all four sides. This We especially like the elegant curved feet that suspend the pot well over the large attached drip tray. Each of these spectacular ceramic pots comes with a free 4" slotted pot which can be used as a liner if desired. Multiple pads on the base protect surfaces. This pot stands 5 inches tall, is 4 1/2 inches across and is approximately 3 1/2 inches deep. Its inner diameter is 4 inches at rim and wider just below. The drip tray is 6 inches wide.

We carry this style and color pot in a 7 inch size which also comes with a free 6 inch crystal clear double drainage plastic pot. The two sizes look great together as a pair if you have the plants to fill them!

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