5" Sand Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pot


5" Sand Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pot

with 4" Crystal Clear Orchid Pot

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Don't forget fresh potting mix!

Ivory Orchid PotOur newest arrival in the Pagoda style Ceramic Orchid Pot series is the 5" Sand. This is a nice roomy pot that is just under 5" in diameter and done in a beautiful creamy sandy oatmeal glaze inside and out. It is beautifully sculpted with great drainage and a total of 36 air flow and light openings in a unique pattern that repeats on all four sides. We especially like the elegant curved feet that suspend the pot well over the large attached drip tray. There is a nice large center drainage hole which passes through to the drip tray about an inch below. Each of these spectacular ceramic pots comes with a free Rigid Clear 4" Double drainage plastic pot which can be used as a liner if desired. Multiple pads on the base protect surfaces.


4.75" wide
4.75" tall
6.0" wide attached tray

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